A Step Forward…

Guys, yesterday was kind of a BIG day…

After over 2 years of taking prerequisite classes (over 12 classes!), doing hundreds of observation hours, writing essays and studying for and taking the GRE’s (just last week!), I FINALLY submitted my applications to Physical Therapy Doctorate programs!
PTCAS E-SubmitI have to admit I am CRAZY nervous about actually getting into a program, but at this point I need to recognize that I’ve done my best and hopefully someone will want me!

It’s felt like a long journey so far since I left my job to go back to school, but really this is just the beginning, once I (hopefully!) get into a program it’s another 3 years of PT school!  I keep reminding myself that while sometimes it feels as if I’m not making any progress at all, I just need to keep moving forward (kind of like running, right?!?).

I won’t hear back from schools until around February unfortunately, so please keep your fingers crossed for me and think happy “accepted” thoughts for the next few months!





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