Weekly Training Recap

This week definitely felt like the start of summer now that work has slowed down a little for Jason!

We made a batch of homemade peanut butter chip ice cream…

Homemade Ice Cream

…we grilled for dinner…

Shrimp Kebobs

…got native strawberries for strawberry shortcake…


…and spent a day outside at the pool!  

Madison clearly has us well trained, she throws her bone in the pool and we of course immediately fetch it and bring it back to her.  


We also went to my god-daughter’s 4th birthday and man does that kid know how to throw a party!  Pirate themed with an 18′ inflatable water slide and a make your own sundae bar!

And we played the BEST party game  – each adult was paired with a kid wearing a shower cap covered in shaving cream.  Then we THREW CHEESE DOODLES AT THEM and the pair who stuck the most cheese doodles on their kids head won!  Seriously, best party game ever. 

Cheetos Toss Game

Paige and I competing in the Cheese Doodle Toss!

RECAP (6/16-6/22)

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 75 minute yoga class & 30 minutes elliptical

Thursday – 5 mile run

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 8 mile run

Jason joined me for the last 3 miles to kick off his Dumbo training (better late than never!).

Dumbo Run 1

Sunday –  rest day

Weekly Mileage –  16 miles

2014 Mileage -277 miles 


Got in my planned runs, but unfortunately that’s about it!  Didn’t exactly mean to take 3 rest days but I had a fun week finally getting to spend some time with Jason so I can’t complain!


Through this next round of marathon training I’m going to post my training plan for the upcoming week to help keep me on track – I feel like if it’s in writing (or out there on the interwebs!) I’m more likely do stick to it!


Monday – cross train

Tuesday – run (3 miles speed)

Wednesday – yoga

Thursday – run (5 miles tempo)

Friday – cross train

Saturday – run (10 miles long)

Sunday – rest day

12 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

    • Haha, yeah, I am so excited for summer (and for Jason to not be so busy at work!). And yes, the “throw cheese doodles at kids” game was honestly hysterical!

    • Thanks Heather, the ice cream came out really good! We make a few different flavors but the peanut butter chocolate is our favorite! And yes, I am totally slacking with my running recently, so I’m hoping pre-posting my workouts will help keep me on track!

  1. I think I need to post my training plan too…make me more accountable to follow it.

    And ummm, yeah, I’m around and I’m SURE your God-daughter would have had no problem with me, a random completely stranger, crashing her party to play that game!

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