Weekly Training Recap

A few days late, but really, who has time to blog while in Disney World!

RECAP (6/10-6/16)

Monday – 30 minutes elliptical and taught 1 hour yoga class

Tuesday – 2 mile run/ walk with Jason and 3 mile run

Wednesday – Studying & PT Observation Hours

Thursday – Bio test & flight to Disney World!

Friday – walking around Disney World!

Disney 2013

Saturday –  walking around Disney World!


Got to check out the new Magic Kingdom
Starbucks during the soft opening!

Sundayeating walking around Disney World!

Eating Around WDW

Lots of good eats around Walt Disney World!

Separate post on our quick Disney trip coming soon!

Yoga – taught 1 hour (yikes!) 

Weekly Mileage –  5 miles

2013 Mileage – 290.5 miles

OVERALL – Yikes!  June has by far been one of my worst workout months – between my intensive summer class and taking off for long weekend trips the yoga and running have been seriously lacking.

Madison at Frans

Madison chilling at Fran’s Puppy Care while we were away!
(aka my mom’s house!)

NEXT WEEK (6/17-6/23)

Only a week and a half of class left so I’m really hoping that I can finally get back on track in July and start some real training.  We’ll be spending almost the entire month of July up at Cape Cod so I’ll be doing lots of paddle boarding, yoga on the beach and searching for new trails for long runs (which is good since I’ll also be eating lots of seafood and ice cream!)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I can tell by your pics you have been having a fabulous time at Disney World Danielle!! Madison looks perfectly chillaxed also, what a cutie! 🙂

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