I (HEART) Sunglasses!

So you know how some women have a thing for shoes?  Me, not so much.  My footwear can pretty much be broken down into three categories: summer = flip flops, winter = Uggs, running = sneakers (and the heels that collect dust in the back of the closet, but those don’t count).

What I DO have a (MAJOR) thing for is sunglasses!


So, why sunglasses? and why write about it?

Well, I decided to share my addiction obsession love for sunglasses after I briefly panicked when I got in my car yesterday to head to class and realized I had forgotten a pair of sunglasses!  (I NEVER leave home without AT LEAST one pair.)  Luckily I was still in the driveway and ran back in the house and grabbed a pair.  Here’s why it was so rediculous – it was pouring rain out with not a chance of sun.  I still couldn’t leave the house without knowing I had a pair with me just in case (seriously, I would rather accidentally leave my house without my wallet than without sunglasses!).

Since my eyes are SUPER sensitive and my migraines are partially triggered by light sensitivity I’m totally crazy about having like 1-3 pairs of sunglasses near by at all times.

And, much like my shoes, my sunglasses all fit nicely into different categories!

There are everyday sunglasses:

Everyday SunglassesRunning sunglasses:

Running SunglassesPaddleboard & Beach Sunglasses:

Paddleboard Sunglasses

You need to be careful when you’re out on the water all day thought…OOPS.

Sunglasses Burn

Oh, and the aviators up in that top picture are really just because I love the way aviators look, but I pretty much never wear them because they totally don’t block enough sunlight to fall into any of “Danielle’s Approved Sunglasses” categories.

So, there you have it, Danielle’s Sunglasses 101!

Anyone else out there have a sunglasses obsession or is it just me???

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10 thoughts on “I (HEART) Sunglasses!

  1. Have you tried the yellow glasses for driving in a bad rain…or in the snow? We don’t get the snow down here in Florida but we do get the crazy downpours and the yellow glasses are a life saver. Just a thought. Patti 😉

  2. I don’t have your sort of obsession with many sunglasses but I have an obsession with wearing the two pair that I do have (one for everyday and old pair for running).
    I have a light sensitivity since getting LASIK many years ago AND I am a night shifter. I offer wear mine when it’s is overcast but not raining…I don’t think 😉

  3. Wow, I’m clearly a slacker with my two pairs! Although, I REALLY should have a 3rd pair for running (the other 2 I have are too “nice” to run in). At least your “obseession” is with useful item you use on a regular basis 🙂

    • Haha, I can’t run without sunglasses…it was so bright during the WDW marathon this year I had my sunglasses AND a visor on! I still don’t know how the other people I was running with didn’t have sunglasses on!

  4. I go in spurts, I have a pair of aviators that I love, so I haven’t been getting new ones lately. But a few years ago I packed 6 pairs for a 1 week vacation (and yes I wore them all!) I don’t have eye/migrane issues, so mine is just the love of funky glasses.

  5. I have light eyes, so they are more sensitive to light. I always wear sunglasses when I leave the house (walk, run or drive in the car), because otherwise I am squinting the entire time. I love getting polarized sunglasses that wrap around so no light comes in the side of my face. Dont worry, you are not the only sunglasses ‘obsessed’ person!

    • Haha good to hear! I actually find that I’m usually squinting even with sunglasses on which is frustrating…I am always on a hunt for the darkest tinted lenses…maybe one day I’ll find a pair dark enough for me! : )

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