Weekly Training Recap and Goals

RECAP (11/19-11/25)

Monday – 5 mile run and 90 minute yoga class

Tuesday – 60 minute yoga class

Wednesday – 3 mile run and 90 minute yoga class

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving! 5 mile run

Friday – 45 minutes elliptical

Saturday – 8 mile run

Sunday – 3 mile walk and 30 minutes elliptical

Yoga – 4 hours

Weekly Mileage – 21 miles

Monthly Mileage – 81 miles

2012 Mileage – 599 miles

Overall – It’s getting COLD out!  Started to break out the hats, gloves and extra layers this week…

NEXT WEEK (11/26-12/2)

Hoping to get in at least 19 miles before Friday to reach my goal of 100 miles this month – I’m right on target for my 700 miles for 2012 though!  Since I may be working on Saturday I’m hoping to do my 20 mile run on Friday, unfortunately the forecast shows a high of 37 degrees…not fun.

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