Tower of Terror 10 Miler Expo

Hello again from Walt Disney World and Tower of Terror Weekend!

It’s been a lot of fun keeping everyone back at home updated via Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, I’ll do my best to keep them coming!

This morning I got up and wanted to get in a quick run, but one step outside in to the heat and humidity had me thinking twice about that plan…then I remembered Saratoga Springs has a gym!  A few quick miles on the treadmill in a nicely air conditioned gym with water readily available and a clean towel to pat myself dry?  That I could deal with.

So, run done I grabbed a bite at the Artist’s Palette, showered and headed to the Tower of Terror 10 Miler health & fitness expo!

The expo was definitely smaller and had less vendors than any of the other runDisney expo’s I’ve been to so far, but on the plus side having less vendors (and less participants in this race) left enough room to actually comfortably walk around the place!  Since I had seen most of the same vendors a few weeks ago at the Disneyland Half Marathon I picked up my packet, a race pin (I get one every race) and a ToT pint glass.  A pint glass?!?  Why a pint glass you ask when I usually get the wine glass from every runDisney race?  Because they didn’t make the wine glasses for Tower of Terror!!! (UGH!)  So now my runDisney wine glass collection is going to have one lonely pint glass.

I also picked up an “Evil Queen” tank from Raw Threads new glow in the dark villain line (if you haven’t tried their stuff DO IT!  Soooo comfortable!) and my free poster from Lasting Commemoratives (LOVING the free posters thing, got one at DL too!).

I was excited to get to see the Marathon Weekend 5k medallion, I don’t remember seeing it at DL (but then again I wasn’t registered for the 5k yet at the time so maybe I just wasn’t paying attention), unfortunately my picture came out blurry but I’ll share it anyways in case anyone’s interested.

After posing for a few quick pictures…

…I hopped a cab back to Saratoga Springs to drop my stuff off and was ready to go stuff my face have dinner at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival!  Separate post on that soon because trust me, this would get really long if I tried to write about everything I ate tonight!

I can’t wait to see what runDisney has planned for the race tomorrow night!

P.S. did you know tomorrow night for the race is a full moon?!?!  How cool is that!

2 thoughts on “Tower of Terror 10 Miler Expo

    • Normally I wouldn’t have time to write posts while I’m on vacation but I’m traveling alone (and actually having a great time!) so I have time to write when I get back to the room at night.

      I don’t know about the wifi at the other resorts but I get free wifi at the DVC resorts because I’m a member.

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