I know I’ve been totally MIA for the past couple of months (since the NHL playoff season started…) but I felt that it was important to write something today…

It was one year ago today that I started running.

I started running to fundraise in honor of my friend Kerry who was battling Leukemia (entire story here) and to challenge myself to accomplish something I didn’t think was possible.  One year ago, when I could barely run down the block without being winded, I never would have imagined all I would get out of this challenge to myself.

1) I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it!

This is of course cheesy, and cliche, and something I never actually believed.  I always said that I would love to run a marathon, and that it was too bad it was something I would never be able to do.  Well of course if I sat there and kept saying that and never actually went out for a run I wasn’t going to be able to run a marathon!  But what if I did start running?  Then why couldn’t I run a marathon?  So I started running, I stuck to a training plan (SO unlike me to stick to a plan!) andI did it, I ran a marathon!

The sense of accomplishment was so amazing that I couldn’t stop thinking of other new things I could challenge myself to do!  Which, was what led me to start this blog!  If I’m going to keep looking for new goals and things to accomplish I may as well have a place to document it all!

2. New Friends

When I went down to Orlando for my first half marathon I was nervous.  I knew I could manage the distance, I had done it several times in training already, but I had never actually participated in a race before!  Luckily, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect every step of the way thanks to Jenn’s blog Eat, Sleep, Run Disney.  I had even e-mailed with Jenn a few times before the race when I had some questions and she mentioned if I saw her down there to make sure I said hello!  Well, amazingly when I landed in Orlando and got on the bus to go from the airport to the hotel I immediately recognized the girl sitting across from me!

runDisney Friends!

We talked the entire ride and on the night of the race we met up at the field and Jenn introduced me to some of her other friends.  I LOVE that I now have a little group of friends that share an interest (read: OBSESSION) with running AND Disney!  It was great to meet everyone at the Wine & Dine event in October and then get together again for Marathon Weekend in January – we even got together in New York a few weeks ago!  I look forward to the runDisney events so much for the actual races, but it’s even better to have a group of friends to look forward to seeing each time too!

With Lisa right after I finished the marathon!

3. Old Friends

The reaction and support of my friends and family while I was training was amazing.  It’s been especially fun to be able to talk with my friend Alex about running.  Alex has been a runner for as long as I can remember and not only was she incredibly supportive while I was training but she’s recently joined a fundraising team for the 2012 NYC marathon because she was inspired by me (a non-runner!) completing a marathon!

Alex & I at the 2012 13.1 NYC!

4. A Distraction

I spend more time at work than I’d like.  I know a lot of people probably spend more time at work than they’d like, so I don’t mean to complain, but I don’t think I realized how desperately I was in need of something non work related to focus on.  I was overwhelmed with the feeling that work was taking over my life (or WAS my life for that matter) and I needed a distraction. Training for my first race and then my first marathon definitely made my life busier, but it also made it more balanced.

5. Inspiration

I can not forget what started this all, Kerry.  In the short time that I knew her Kerry inspired me in so many ways with her strength, courage and optimism.  I spent a lot of time during my training and the actual marathon thinking about Kerry.  I am not a particularly spiritual person, but I do believe I was meant to meet Kerry last year.  It’s not that Kerry personally encouraged me to run (I have no idea if Kerry was a runner or not to be honest), but I feel like the chain of events that led me to running and where I am today started with Kerry.

Damian, Danielle and Kerry

Damian, Danielle and Kerry at a Rangers Viewing Party

I wanted more than anything to celebrate my Runiversary with a run but I’m disappointed to say that did not happen.  Work has managed to take over again.  Yesterday I worked an 18 hour day and today I sat at my desk struggling to keep my eyes open, instead of coming home and going for a run I took a much needed nap.

Just a few more weeks of work craziness and I’ll be back though!  I’m already registered for a few fall races and Goofy 2013 – I can’t wait for year 2 of my running adventures!

5 thoughts on “HAPPY RUNIVERSARY!

  1. Happy anniversary! Ya know I am really contemplating doing the till marathon in Disney in january. It would be awesome to meet you and other fans there as well!

    • Hi Pam, you should definitely consider doing one of the Disney races, they are so much fun, the full marathon was amazing! Let me know if you decide to do it!

  2. I just started reading your Blog. I also just started running in May of this year. I have done a couple of 5Ks already, but I am not training for my first Half Marathon in January. (unfortunately its not a runDisney race) but so many of the items you posted are the reasons I’m starting running now at the ripe age of 36!

    • Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for reading! It’s been a lot of fun to document my experience and share it with other new runners. I have a few posts coming up about my favorite running gear that you may enjoy, so please check back!

      Happy running!

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