Last week I posted GOT SNEAKERS? – my random musings about everything one needs to train for a long distance race.  I wrote it to be humorous because I’ve been surprised at how much “stuff” (equipment, accessories, expensive socks, etc.) I’ve acquired since I started running, but of course I know that not everyone needs all of that.  There are people who really just need a pair of sneakers to go out for a run!

Like This Guy:

(Excuse the blurry picture, I was running too.)

This Guy is my running buddy.  Ok, well he doesn’t exactly know that, but seriously, I see This Guy out running ALL THE TIME!  Whenever I go for a run…morning, afternoon, weekday, weekend…there’s This Guy!

I actually think he wakes up in the morning, gets dressed, has breakfast and runs, and runs, and runs and runs ALL DAY!  And, the only running accessory he needs is  a pair of sneakers!  No Garmin, no iPod, no water bottle.  (Ok, am I creeping you out yet?  I promise I’m not stalking him – in fact when I started seeing him so much I thought he was maybe stalking me!)

Since I started running about 6 months ago I’ve been training for something – first a half marathon in October and now the full marathon in January.  I’ve never just gone out for a run, just me and my sneakers.  So, when I am done with this marathon in three weeks I hereby declare that my first post-marathon run will be gadget and gizmo free!  Just me and my sneakers out on the road.

Should be a nice change.

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