Weekly Training Recap

First order of business – Swiftwick Giveaway Winners!

Ben Jacobs – winner of 3 pairs of socks!

Carlee Padot McClurg – winner of 1 pair of socks!

Kelly Short – winner of 1 pair of socks!

Congrats everyone!  

RECAP (10/28-11/3)

Monday – marathon recovery!  taught 1 hour yoga & foam rolling

Tuesday – rest/ recovery

Wednesday – rest/ recovery

Thursday – rest/ recovery 

I’m not big on Halloween, but check out this awesome pumpkin carving my sister’s boyfriend did!

Mickey Pumpkin

Friday – 3 mile run & taught 75 minute yoga class

Saturday – 30 minutes elliptical

Sunday – Spectating at the New York City Marathon!

Just Keep Running

Yoga – taught 2.25 hours 

Weekly Mileage –  3 miles

2013 Mileage – 668 miles


This week as all about recovery, which was mostly foam rolling and rest!  I can’t stop thinking about what an amazing experience the Marine Corps Marathon was and I can’t believe it’s over!

MCM Capitol Picture

If you missed any of my Marine Corps Marathon recaps you can find them at these links:

MCM:  The Expo

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NEXT WEEK (11/4-11/10)

Wow has time flown!  This week I leave Thursday to head down to Florida for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon!  I’m excited to see so many of my running friends and of course to go to Disney!

Wine & Dine will always hold a special place for me since it was my first race EVER just 2 years ago in 2011!

Wine and Dine 2011Will you be in Florida for Wine & Dine??

What was your first race?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. My first race was a Thanksgiving 10k to get a corral placement for the Princess 2011 which was supposed to be my first and last half marathon. We know what happened after that! Hope to see you this weekend! By the way, love seeing all those MCM photos…and so happy Christine had such a great running buddy!

    • Thanks Pam, we had such a great time running, I’m glad we both got some great pictures to remember it!

      And funny how that “first and last” half marathon/ race thing works out…Wine & Dine was supposed to be my only race too!

  2. My first race was…. a half marathon TODAY! So glad I finished in a somewhat respectable time (2:14). (I know you’re not supposed to make a time goal for your first half, but really how can you not?) Makes me feel much better about running Princess in 2014 and hopefully Wine & Dine!!

    • Congratulations Erika, that is awesome! I hope the race went well and you enjoyed! You’ll definitely be more than ready for Princess. My advice for Disney races is always to have fun, stop for pics and don’t worry about your time – it’s too good of an experience to miss out on if you just run by everything!

  3. It really is amazing how many races and how far you can go (both literally and figuratively) in 2 years. My first race was the Princess, so I’m looking forward to doing that race again for my 2 year race anniversary. Congratulations on all your miles, all your medals and hopefully I’ll get to see you at W&D! 🙂

      • Definitely! Wish we had stuck around long enough to see the Dinosaur baby in the window, but my friends were pretty much done by the time we hit the Hollywood Studios! Next Disney visit (with my annual pass, yay!) you won’t be able to get rid of my so easily! lol

        And yeah, we should probably try to do something a little more local than 3000 miles away 🙂

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