Weekly Training Recap

My blogging has been lacking BIG time recently with my intensive summer class I’m taking and doing my PT observation hours.  I honestly don’t expect next week to be much better since I have 2 tests, teach yoga, do PT observation hours and then we’re headed out of town again for the weekend.

Guess where?!?

going to Disney World

Yup!  We decided to take a quick long weekend down at Disney and we are SOOO excited!  We have reservations at 1 old favorite restaurant, 1 new to us restaurant and we’re going to the Hoop-de-doo Review, so expect LOTS of instagram pictures over the weekend!  (If you don’t already you can follow me @dnardi710!)

So still not the best week workout wise, but I’ve definitely been struggling with my new schedule and heading out of town every weekend – July can’t get here soon enough!

RECAP (6/3-6/9)

Monday – taught 1 hour yoga class

Tuesday – 5 mile run & LOTS of studying!

Wednesday – Bio Test & PT Observation Hours

Thursday – rest

Friday – drive up to Cape Cod

Have I mentioned how much I love Cape Cod?!?  Jason and I try to spend as much time as we can there each summer, and this being our first weekend of the season we had to get in all our favorite stops and eats!

Saturday –  5 mile run + 2.5 mile run/walk with Jason!

Run #1 Done

I pretty much have Jason convinced to do a 10k with me this fall, so now that hockey season is over it’s time to get training!  His first run went great and I’m so excited to have a running partner this summer!

Sunday – 90 minute Yoga on the Beach class


If you love doing yoga, you have to try yoga on the beach!  

The sound of the water and the breeze are so relaxing!  

Yoga – 2.5 hours 

Weekly Mileage –  12.5 miles

2013 Mileage – 285.5 miles

OVERALL – I had high hopes of starting my training plan for Marine Corp this week, but I’m realizing that with all of my commitments and weekend travels scheduled in June it’s going to be tough to keep a strict schedule.  I think I’m just going to work on increasing my mileage and doing a few speed workouts and I’ll really get on track with a plan in July.

I’ve also been participating in the Athleta Instagram Pose of the Day contest.  It’s been fun taking pictures doing yoga poses in fun places!


NEXT WEEK (6/10-6/16)

Pretty sure with 2 tests this week and leaving for Disney on Thursday it’s going to be a pretty unproductive week, so I’ll be happy just to get in a couple of runs!

Here’s Madison unpacking her bag at the Cape!

She just loves it up here, lots of walks and plenty of sunshine to lie in!


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @dnardi710 

for lots of Disney pictures next weekend!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. How exciting that you are headed for a weekend at WDW. That should be a nice break with your hectic schedule! I love the yoga photo for the contest. Hopefully you will win or at least place….can’t imagine a more beautiful photo! Have a great week!

    • Hi Lesley, thanks for stopping by! Definitely looking forward to our weekend at Disney – can’t imagine much better than back to back weekends at the Cape and Disney. Hope to see you back soon!

  2. Have so much fun at Disney, I’m so jealous and can’t wait to see all the pictures. I think when I finally graduate I’m gonna pull a super bowl win, “I’m going to Disney World!!”

  3. Jealous of your getaway, can’t wait to live vicariously! I think we’re still pretty early in the training to worry about getting enough done- or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

    • haha yeah, I think I’ll be ok as far as training, I was just hoping to get a jump on the game this year! I’ll do my best to post lots of pictures this weekend!

  4. So jealous of you getting to go to Disney! Have tons of fun! I’m also jealous of Jason running with you…even though Doug is doing the 10K with me, it’s still difficult to get him to come out with me too often.

    Oh well, good luck with the training and with school and everything! 🙂

  5. Have such a great time at WDW!!! I love yoga on the beach – the sound of waves is so calming and peaceful to me.

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